IT Outsourcing

  • Full IT Outsourcing

    We supply a dedicated team of IT professionals, giving you full consultative, onsite, and helpdesk support. If required we even operate as a virtual IT department branded up as your company, we provide the vehicles with your logo livery on the side and supply a dedicated support phone number answered as your company name.

    This package would suit a large enterprise business looking to outsource but retain that local in house feel for employees.

  • Partial IT Outsourcing

    Offering your current IT department Helpdesk, and 2nd,3rd line support where required. Here we can simply assist on areas where you feel you are under resourced, for instance you may require a seperate service contract to provide an extra pair of hands with out the capital investment on vehicles and extra staff.

    This would be a pefrect solution to ease the work load from your back of house IT staff giving them more time to concentrate on other projects.

    Helpdesk Support

    For a modest monthly fee, we can offer dedicated 24/7 support to your organisation, maintaining business continuity. We provide the helpdesk and 1st line support assistants, your calls can be answered as your own company name ensuring employees still believe they are calling an in-house IT Helpdesk.

    Bespoke Outsourcing Tailored to Your Needs

    If none of the above fits in with what you require, no problem! simply give us a call on: 0845 124 4651 and Let us discuss your specific needs.